Flight Support Services

International Flight Support
A&B Aviation ME LLC provides flight support services to operators across India, Asia, Asia-Pac, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and CIS. Whether it is a corporate, commercial, charter, or cargo flight, our goal is to take care of every ancillary function that is needed for a smooth flight, so that you and your crew can focus on your guests and your cargo.

Our team of professionals is at hand 24/7 to take care of acquiring permits, providing route planning advice, devising and filing flight plans, aircraft fueling, aircraft ground handling, hotel reservations and airport transfers. Our wide network of partners and providers across the globe ensures that you receive the same top-class quality of services in every location and region.

Over Flight and Landing Permits
Even a perfectly-planned flight can undergo last-minute changes due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Or sometimes, you need to fly to very remote locations where communication is a major challenge. At such times, you need a reliable partner to manage your paperwork, because one missing permit can throw your entire flight schedule completely offtrack.

Through years of industry experience, we have built a strong and resourceful team that collaborates with our network partners worldwide to ensure that all required permits are obtained in record time even at short notice.

Computerized Flight Planning and Weather Monitoring
A&B Aviation ME LLC uses the latest in flight planning software to generate customized flight plans to provide you the most direct and cost-effective route to your destination. Our comprehensive advanced system calculates optimal route options based on minimal time, fuel consumption and ATC delays, Euro/Asia/Pacific flow and real time factors. En-route cost calculations, wind and temperature aloft computations and Equal Time Point (ETP) / Extended Range Twin-Engine Operational Performance Standards (ETOPS) are also taken into account during the planning process.

Our in-house meteorological team uses a wide range of tools and weather charts that deliver accurate meteorological and NOTAM data for any part of the globe from renowned and reliable worldwide OPMET data specialists. The weather is continuously and constantly monitored before and during the flight, and your crew is briefed immediately with any information that may affect the trip.

We can supply you with the flight plans created by our certified dispatchers, or we can even provide you remote online access to the Flight Planning system. Our Integrated Flight Planning solution includes weather reports. You can also request these individually for specific queries.

We understand that the best-made plans can change in a fraction of a second due to external factors. That is why our Flight Planning Team is available 24/7 at our operational control center. Our team continuously observes your flight, and provides you with quick assessments to respond to external factors that could impact your trip.

We offer the following services:

  • Flight Planning Services
  • Full Computerized Flight Plans with live winds
  • ATC Flight Plan Filing and Coordination
  • Textual and Graphical Aviation Weather & NOTAMs
  • Runway Analysis Charts
  • Electronic Airways
  • Electronic Airports charts
  • Approach Plates
  • Updated NOTAMS
  • Web-based flight briefing solution
  • En-route over flight charges report
  • Crew briefing features

  • Weather Reporting Services
  • Upper-air wind/temperature GRIB data
  • Worldwide OPMET data (TAF/METAR/SIGMET)
  • Trip tailored upper-air wind/temperature charts with ATS route overlay
  • Route-specific SIGWX charts with ATS route overlay
  • User defined upper-air wind/Temperature and SIGWX with GC track overlay
  • Upper-air wind/temperature and SIGWX charts
  • Local SIGWX low level charts on request
  • Local area forecasts in text format on request
  • Meteorological data

Ground Handling/Customs and Immigration
When you need on-the-ground support for your flight, our GroundOps representatives step in to ensure that your guests receive all the assistance they need. Whether it is red-carpet treatment for your VIPs, immigration and visa support for private flights, ground medical services for MEDEVACS, or ground handling for cargo flights, we have it all covered. Our continuous status monitoring ensures that all procedures are completed in a timely and orderly manner.

Our services include:

  • Flight Supervision
  • Visa Arrangements
  • Immigration Support
  • VIP Logistical Support from Private Lounge to Limousine Service and Accommodation
  • Catering Services
  • Meet and Greet Services
  • Ground Transportation
  • Security Measures (Aircraft, Passengers and Crew)
  • Cargo and Baggage Handling

Aircraft Fueling
Our extensive global network of suppliers and handling agents enables us to procure aviation fuel for you at the most competitive prices. We assure you that at over 3000 airports world-wide, corporate aviation pay less than the posted airport service.

Our wide range of aircrafts ensures that no matter what the requirement, there is one that fits the bill.

  • Boeing 747-400
  • Airbus 310
  • Gulfstream GIV
  • King Air 8-200
  • GLEX
  • L 45
  • HS 800
  • B 350
  • PC-12

  • IL 76
  • Boeing 737-800
  • King Air C90
  • CL 64
  • HS 900 XP
  • HS 850 XP
  • B 200
  • C-90
  • F 2 TH