Air Cargo Charters

We provide chartered aircraft solutions, tailored to your specific cargo transport needs. Anywhere and anytime, worldwide. We understand the value and importance of air cargo charters in today´s global supply chains.

We offer a variety of aircrafts for Cargo charters. We have successfully organized a number of charter flights using equipment ranging from small AN-12 to medium range IL-76, Airbus 300 to wide-bodied Boeing 747 to large heavyweights AN-124, AN-225 and even Helicopters in a few cases. Our unparalleled commitment to accommodate your every requirement from the size and weight of your cargo, origin and destination, to your preferred date and time of departure and arrival guarantees a charter service that exceeds your expectations.

A&B Aviation Services delivers cost effective and reliable air Cargo charter solutions for the following:

  • Outsized and Project Cargo
  • Aerospace and Aviation Equipment
  • Humanitarian and Relief Cargo
  • Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Automotive Cargo
  • AOG
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Ad-hoc Charter Flights